Monday, March 28, 2011

My Magazine Contract Talking Points

Okay, while I realize that the likelihood of my getting chosen as one of the lovlies in The Girls of the Atlantic Coast Conference Swimsuit Calendar is equivalent to a snow event in Hell, I'm slightly OCD, and I tend to overprepare for eventualities. Hence, this set of talking points in case I ever get asked to pose for Playboy or some other fine magazine:

1. No nudity.

2. Sideboob or underboobs shots okay, but no aureolas.

3. No kinkiness -- no whips, chains, banjos, Atlanta Falcons, New York Yankees, or Duke Blue Devils sportswear.

4. No poses with Justin Bieber or Carrot Top.

5. Any décollété poses should include my wearing a small gold crucifix.  I am religious, you know.
6.  No product placements in the photos, other than Reese's Cups, which are divine.

[I got the general idea for this from a chapter in Olivia Munn's book, Suck It, Wonder Woman.]

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I adore those socks. I'd pose topfree as long as I was wearing socks like that.