Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Do Guys Really See Shoes as Hot or Sexy?

I read an article from Cosmo written in this breathless, Cosmo-like style: 

20 Heels Men Find So Freaking Hot

Sex up any outfit with a pair of male-approved kicks. We guarantee every guy in the room will be imagining what you look like with nothing on but these shoes.  

Black Zipper Open-Toe Booties
"The girl who wears these has a lot of attitude...and maybe some whips and handcuffs in the bedroom." —Aaron, 32

Coral Studded Heels

"These are the kind of shoes I hope my girlfriend leaves on in bed." —T.J., 30

Caged Black Heel

These are dominatrix-ish, but without being scary and intimidating." —Greg, 32

Gold Glitter Platform Pumps
"These shoes scream Katy Perry, and that’s a good thing." —Josh, 29

Grey Suede Rounded Stilettos
"I don't usually see women wearing gray shoes so the color — and the insanely high spiky heel—would definitely catch my attention." —Greg, 32

Allow me a little skepticism.  Do guys really pay that much attention to shoes?

This really clamors for empirical research.  Let's see now . . . .

I could parade myself in front of guys, wearing these floridly-described shoes and simple canvas shoes, or maybe penny loafers.  They rate me as to sexiness.

Likewise, get some other women to serve as models.

Does wearing the kinky shoes increase our Hot Quotients (H.Q.) or sexiness?

Since I was lazy, I simply asked my guy friend Dee-Doh (his nickname) what he thought.  He was candid. 

He said he didn't notice what I or any other chick was wearing on our feet.  Leg or boob exposure, yes.  And, by all means, a little buttocks d√©colletage.  If one is daring, go braless.

But shoes?  Only guys with shoe fetishes.

Dee-Doh afirmed that he didn't go in that direction.

Thank you, Dee-Doh!  Wearing heels in order to appear hot or sexy is a lot of trouble I'd rather not bother with.


bakku-shan said...

My guy does.

Nothing Sacred, as Usual said...

Shoes ordinarily don't get a rise from me; but those gold-and-rhinestone ones are an exception!

Banana Oil said...

This lipstick lesbian must report that shoes don't do anything for her.