Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cowgirl Melinda and the Philosopher

Now doubt, you meet some curious people on the internet, but the unlikely combination of Cowgirl Melinda and Pierre Duchamp, noted French Deconstructionist philosopher was a new departure from the natural order of things. They met in a MSN 'chat room,' and found out that they both (though unlikely) happened to be in Tucumcari, New Mexico.

Being cautious, Melinda agreed to meet him in a coffee shop that also sold barbecue ribs on the side. (This happens in the Land of Enchantment quite often.) Now for a fashion report: just what does a cowgirl wear on a date with a philosopher?

Melinda was stunningly decked out in a brown leather ensemble with a matching chamois halter, a Zuni belt buckle, boots, and silver spurs that jingle. She wore brown cowhand hat; but only outdoors, as she was brought up properly as a typical western girl tends to be.

Pierre wore a dark suit and a gray turtleneck. He strategically had a four-days beard growth, and smoked a pipe with aromatic tobacco.

Some samples of dialogue can serve our purposes:

Pierre: "But of course one must examine the text itself with an attitude toward discovery of meaning: the message cannot be taken as simply what the author intended."

Melinda: "I just read Love's Fiery Passions."

Pierre: "Naturally, our existence will precede our essence."

Melinda: "What kind of horse do you prefer to ride?"

Pierre: "Perhaps a hobby horse. Where can you get escargot here in Tucumcari?"

Melinda: "Maybe in Santa Fé, Sweetie. They're all odd there. But we have some wonderful barbecue here."

Pierre: "Tucumcari is a place of agreeable charm. Perhaps a cognac?"

Melinda: "We sall it sippin' whiskey here, but yes! You speak the language of my tribe, Sir"

Pierre: In both logic and life, form is very important and gives meaning to life. Both Sartre and Decartes expressed such sentiments."

Melinda: "Yes, Sharon Faye said about as much."

Pierre: "Is she a western philosopher?"

Melinda: "Yes, you might say so. She sells me panties. Tell me, Petey, do you want to go to the dump to shoot rats."

Pierre: "Rats?"

Melinda: "Hey, you could pretend they're tourists that clutter up the coffee house back home and talk nothing but English and put whipped cream on top of the coffee."

Pierre: "I have seen such horrors . . . . "

They were so different that they hit it off, big time. And both Pierre and Melinda left a little bit of their hearts with the other after this chance tryst. Life can be beautiful, after all.


Banana Oil said...

A nice story, a slice of life on the frontier. We are capable of sensitivity in between the coasts, also.

Hell Hound said...

I like your eccentric humor.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

Thank you, Banana Oil and Hell Hound. Yes, we are capable of sensitivity even in primordial Louisiana.

Big Sky Heidi said...

A good one!