Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sakura Gets Picked Up

Even fairies can feel vulnerable at times. So it is no surprise that our Sakura, while having a glass of rum-spiked tea in a tavern, was approached by a large, friendly male wearing shorts, a cut-off tee exposing his navel, and flip-flops. Sakura was demurely dressed in her aqua kimono with the red and white peonies.

"Well hey hey hey, Babe. Whatcha doin'? You look like you need a guy to cheer you up. Hey, I'm that guy. Name's Jim Bob, and I play Right Guard for the Tigers."

(Sakura thought, 'Amazing; this poor fellow works to provide deodorant for wild jungle beasts. But that's understandable: I still remember how the Cat House at the Zoo reeked.')

"Hello, Jim Bob. My name's Sakura. I am pleased to make your acquaintance."

"And I am to meet you, Babe. What's with the bathrobe? You just got out of the shower and needed a drink before you go beddy-bye?"

"No, Jim Bob. These are my working clothes. I'm the Fruitcake Fairy and I just got off."

"Oh wow! And I thought you were a chick. Oh well, that's not my thing; but whatever floats your boat I'm cool about. But, other than your bathrobe, what other strange things do you do to be a fruitcake, Sakura?"

Other than an occasional misunderstanding, Sakura and Jim Bob had a good time.


Dan Pearce said...

Haha, those cat houses do reek. I used to want to go into deodorant sales for large predators, but life took me another way. :)

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