Monday, August 1, 2016

Taking Cajun French Leave

Podners, I've been posting on eViL pOp TaRt quite regularly for about six years now; and it has been a lot of fun. However, lately my efforts have been in my opinion substandard. I'm not sure whether I've run out of stories and fluff; or whether it's a case of writer's block. Anyway, I think it's better to ease up while I'm not too far behind rather than become a broken record or go in for cheap amusements. Also, I now have a surfeit of demands that are the consequence of growing up. I think they need to re-tool that life stage. Being a teen or college student was more fun.

I may put something up from time to time; but I sensed a definite decline from my stuff from 2010-2011. Why subject you to more crap?

I'll still follow others' blogs (see "Blogs I follow) while I continue to plunge into the brackish, algae-filled waters of the workaday world.

Bless you all, mes amis! Lasser les bon temps rouler toujours!


John Hill said...

Angel, I have to admit -- this makes me sad. However, I do understand that we evolve as we move from one life stage to another. My own blog writing has changed quite a bit since its beginning.
I always enjoy your posts and you are a very talented and creative writer. I do hope that you will not abandon writing completely and we will hear from you in what ever form our fashion you choose to express yourself from time to time.

My daughter often laments that adulting is hard.
And even when it is not difficult, it is rather time consuming.

If you are on other social media like twitter or instagram, I'd enjoy keeping up with you there (I hope that doesn't sound too creepy). I'm @magicianary on both of them.

Wishing you the very best in all of life's endeavors.

Be well, my young friend!
Au revoir!

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

I went through a very similar experience, so I fully understand where you're at. I used to have a blog called 'STUFFS' where I posted mostly entertainment pieces. I thought a lot of it was quite good, but eventually I realized that what I'd been posting was not the same high quality stuffs of my earlier years, and I decided to close that one down.

I continued writing for my other blog which was geared toward Spiritual and political topics, because I still had plenty to say and I was more interested in writing about these important subjects than I was in spending time on mere entertainment pieces.

Eventually I even shut down the second blog ('Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends'), and walked away for nearly a year and a half. I only recently began posting on 'F-FFF' again.

So, yeah, been there, done that. Maybe you're done with blogging. Or maybe you just need an extended break. Either way, best o' luck to ya. You weren't with us BOTBers very long but you posted some nice Battles in the short time that you were. If you ever want to rejoin our group, just say the word and I'll add your name and a link to the official BOTB list again.

Bless And Be Blessed!

~ D-FensDogG
'Loyal American Underground'

Cloudia said...

Understandable. But now that you've given yourself permission to ease up, I hope you will find new inspirations to share with us from time to time. I really enjoy having you in my life, Angel. Wishing you ALL the best, always! Fondly,

Mike said...

Happens to all of us. If you keep commenting on other blogs it will keep you in the loop for your come back.

Bilbo said...

I'll miss reading your posts, but will always welcome your comments on my blog. Best wishes always!

Brandi said...

Best wishes, evil one!

TexWisGirl said...

post when you're inspired. :) adult life and it's limitations on blogging and other fun stuff kinda sucks...

allenwoodhaven said...

I do hope you post from time to time. I've always enjoyed your ideas and really admire the way you express them.
I understand about time limitations. I find it hard to have time for anything on the computer.
Best wishes in whatever you do!

Birgit said...

Oh bummer...I just found you! I hope you will find something again to make blogging fun and not stressful or boring. I do understand though and wish you nothing but the best and hope to see you around

Cherdo said...

I had to step back for a while to handle the stress and demands of Gonzo's post-accident world and just moved two weeks ago! There's a season for everything and when you need to step back and do LIFE, go for it.

Never say never, though...pop back and chat, my friend.

Love ya,

The Bastard King of England said...

So sorry to see you go, Angel! Great cartoon!

Gorilla Bananas said...

I'm sorry to hear this, Ms Pop Tart. How about just posting less frequently? Blogging is a lot more fun if you don't continually feel pressured to write a new post.

Cathy Kennedy said...

EPT, I'm not a fictional writer just a blog writer, but I totally get ya. Sometimes you have to step back to recollect your mojo. Maybe, if you take a break from your writing while holding onto your blogging ties through a few routine hops you'll find your way back to your writing magic. Hopefully you'll get peace of mind with this situation soon!

Boston cover song Peace of Mind #BoTB showdown.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

Thank you for your kind words and encouragement, everybody. I will post again, but need a little time to get some ideas together. And I will be back, like the character in some thriller movie said.

Cloudia said...

Seestah! Deesh un IN da kine setting!

translation from Hawaiian Pigin: Sister! This one is in the proper setting.

Fondly, 'Auntie' Cloudia [any older person is Auntie, Uncle in the islands.)

Blue Grumpster said...

Wait a minute... What are you saying? :(

Cathy Kennedy said...

EPT, a break will help you to get your mojo back! Take it easy and enjoy the down time. We all need it from time to time!

Jeffrey Scott said...

Sorry to see you taking the time off. But I know where you are coming from. I'm just trying to claw my way back from an self-imposed exile as well. Writer's Block or no, I'm hoping to see you back again.